Gynecomastia Patient Testimony

What’s the best proof that gynecomastia surgery can make a huge difference in a man’s life? A patient testimony. See one letter from our patient below to see how gynecomastia surgery has affected his life.

Dr. Blau

I had surgery with you last Friday. First I would like to thank you and your secretary for making this a great experience. I am today six days post op and I truly was gearing up for a much worse recovery period. I am happy to say that I feel no pain with just a slight bit of soarness/itchiness, which is similair to having done a few too many bench presses at the gym. As of now I am very happy with the result. I till now had never had an actual surgery excusing wisdom teeth and I am very happy to say it was not anything what I expected.

As far as progress I have been taking it easy..back to work but not doing any gym activity. I have noticed that the left aerola pertrudes a bit more than the right which I can notice when in a tight fitting t-shirt…I do not remember seeing it perturude as much when you took the bandage off so I am thinking it to be either a little fluid or swelling. I am hoping that it is just some excess fluid or swelling. I know it can take a while for everything to heal and the final picture to become evident. My only question would be if it would be advantageous to wear additional compression dressing to aid in this..beleive me I am happy to stay away from compression dressing if possible..I will be patient for healing. I am sure this has happened before. I have never been one for patience, but in this case I will make an exception. Either way I can say that after less than a week post-op I look totally different and do not feel the need to wear baggy t-shirts or long sleeve button downs in the heat of this very warm summer. For the few close friends I have shown it too they have all said I look totaly different. In any case I can say that the money I spent was worth it and that I wish I had done this many years ago. I cannot begin to explaint the relief of being rid of this after so many years. I truly feel totaly different from last week.

In closing thank you all for your time and patience. I am happy I made the long trip to your office. Your secretary has been great at answering my abundance of questions and keeping in contact. Thanks again to you and your entire staff for making this an easy experience. You guys rock!! If I know of anyone looking for a surgeon especially for gynecomastia I will send them to your office and tell them that it worth it!! Hope to hear from you soon and enjoy the rest of the summer..I have a feeling mine will be better than all previous.

About the author

Dr. Mordcai Blau is specialist in gynecomastia surgery and performs almost 300 gynecomastia surgeries each year. He has been published by the American Society for Plastic Surgeons as a gynecomastia surgeon. He has also been featured on The Learning Channel (TLC) as a male breast reduction surgeon. He is a surgeon's surgeon and has operated on and is highly recommended by other physicians-including plastic surgeons. Dr. Mordcai Blau is passionate about sharing his knowledge of expertise of gynecomastia and male breast reduciton surgery.

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